A stand up paddle board or SUP is an old mean of water transport. The principle of its use is paddling while standing on the board. In the historical sources you can find many stories about the origin of stand up paddle boards, canoeing, and using various boards while standing, kneeling, or sitting and using a paddle at the same time.

Some say that the origin of the modern stand up paddle boards is related to the early 90s when a legendary surfer Laird Hamilton was trying to find a way for training on water in Hawaii. He took a paddle and his biggest surfboard and in such way found an amazing way of training on water – stand up paddle boarding which engages all body muscles. Others say that famous surfing instructors used paddles to line up up for a group photo on water. There is also a theory that the history of modern stand up paddle boards started in 1939 when a legendary surfer Duke Kahanamoku wanted to “catch the best wave“ and paddled to it in Hawaii. So, as you can see, there are many versions, but all of them agree that the country of origin is Hawaii.

SUP became very popular more than ten years ago and now it is one of the fastest developing sports all around the world, because everyone from a child to an elderly person can learn to paddle! Everyone can find what they are looking for in this sport: it can be an active training or a passive way to relax. So, you can relax on the board when paddling calmly while kneeling, you can paddle while standing and choose the intensity, also, you can perform various exercises using stand up paddle boards. SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness trainings are becoming very popular at the moment.

So, only a few steps are needed for you to start, and a few more for SUP to become your best friend, travel companion, and a great way to relax.




Stand up paddle boards. These are the most common and the most POPULAR stand up paddle boards in Lithuania. They are good for both rivers and lakes, or even a calm sea. Such boards are stable and easy to use for fun or short walks in the water. Because of their great stability features they are commonly used in rent points.


Stand up paddle boards. Different in their shape and bigger measurements. Great for every day use and paddling longer and more complex routes, a day or a few days adventures piling up all the necessary hiking equipment on a SUP.


Stand up paddle boards. This is a separate class of boards made for racing. These SUPs are long, narrow, fast, and require your attention and preparation, but give you breath-taking emotions when crossing the finish line first…

SUP surf Boards

This is the shortest and the most manoeuvrable type made to cross the waves. It has already been tested in the Baltic sea too. The paddle helps to keep the balance and catch your first wave more easily.